“RAILS is dedicated first and foremost to the quality of the garment –the form, the fit and the feel -so that looking good means feeling good in everything you wear!”
Jeff Abrams, the Californian designer lived in Europe a few years after graduation and says that his inspiration for the collection came while travelling on the EuroRail. Rails seemed like a great brand name to capture the early creative concept for the collection. Jeff developed a unique tencel/rayon blended fabric that would maintain the classic shirting heritage, but that felt luxurious and draped in a sexier, more feminine way. Today Rails applies this concept to plaids, denims, solids, and prints, focusing on becoming experts on both fit and feel. The plaid shirt, has become this LA based brand´s signature look. With a cult following that includes supermodel Kate Moss, as well as young movie stars like Ashley Greene, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt, this unruffled garment gives off a careless, yet modish vibe. A wardrobe staple -a classic for sure!

The collections are manufactured in two small factories in China; visited by the cute designer himself twice a year.