Being part of a 4th generation of textile manufacturers, Alexandre Milan was able to rejuvenate his family DNA by setting up his own label Le Mont Saint Michel. He loves to play with contrasts. He’s also a fan of the outdoor life, therefore the studio lays right in the British countryside. What used to be horse stables are transformed into a modern studio and the attic now stores a spectacular historical textile sample archive, which serves as a continuous source of inspiration.
When Milans ancestors began producing textile in 1918 the fruits of their craftsmanship was recognized by other designers. Still today highly respected designers; Isabel Marant and Vanessa Bruno know where to find the perfect knit.

Le Mont Saint Michel is famous for its vintage inspired knitwear with a cut that is right on trend. However, the brand doesn’t do fashion for fashion’s sake, it’s not a slave of the the latest trends. It’s about creating a timeless look that can stand the test of time, just like Le Mont has been rocking it for ages!

Now the French brand is celebrating it’s 100th birthday. Happy birthday Le Mont Saint Michel!

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