Stunning as a painting! This shirt dress with hidden buttons and side pockets by Stine Goya will be such a conversation piece during every occasion... wear as a cool kimono or as a flattering dress with sneakers or high heels!

The Earth print is an illustration of the earth we all live on and share. It is a Goya landscape made in earth and peach tones adorned with gold foil leaves. This printed fabric is hand painted with acrylics.

Please, note the birch can be in the back as well.

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In stock

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Material: 100% Viscose

Care Instruction: Very delicate wash with mild detergent

Measurements for size small:
Chest 96 cm.
Waist 100 cm.
Hip 103 cm.
Bottom width 104 cm.
Sleeve length 62 cm.
Total length 111 cm.