Edp Daimiris 100ml

Edp Daimiris 100ml

The Inspiration
This is Pierre Guillaime´s olfactory sensual experiment. Fragments of amethyst and purple hues reflected in alcohol – the nose has created a fragrance that captures the womanly caress of velvet and the gaze of a man as he contemplates a woman’s body.

The Fragrance 100ml
This fragrance is a tribute to a female divinity, enchanting and enchanted at the same time. It whispers forth notes of amber and spice and suggests delicate and harmonious movements. It evokes that sort of “old-style” fragrance built on elegance and beauty, but with a distinctly contemporary feel. Iris, daim (suede, leather) and amber together unleash torturous pleasure on the skin.

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Olfactory Pyramid:

-Top notes
Saffron, Cardamom

-Middle notes
Rum, Iris, “Daim” chord

-Base notes
Amber, Musk